How to win prizes in online sweepstakes and contests: 7 Smart tips to follow...

These pointers can help you
win sweepstakes and contests "Win a prize!" We all love sweeps, contests and giveaways, and it costs nothing to try your hand at an online contest or sweepstake. But how do you get that winning edge?

Knowing how to win prizes mainly boils down to entering every legitimate sweeps of interest as often as possible, being organized, and pouncing on opportunities that other contestants may pass up (more on this below).

1) If you truly aim to be a prize winner, get powerful leverage by signing up free at "helper" sites, where you'll have access to thousands of new and current sweeps, and benefit from the handy aides supplied. This type of site makes the process easier, considering the ENORMOUS range of contest promotions, sweepstakes and prize giveaways online. Whether you're looking to win a car, win a house, win a laptop computer or "merely" win money, this site can help you! You'll find everything from instant-win sweeps to once-monthly to one-entry-only. With everyone trying to win free stuff, these sites can save hours of time.

More Tips on How to Win Prizes:

2) Eagerly embrace an online sweepstake that is difficult to enter. Many people will pass these up, and that means MUCH LESS COMPETITION for you.

3) A local sweepstakes in your own city, which may offer a comparatively smaller prize and is paper-entry only, will have better odds than when you're competing against kazillions of other entries. Don't be an e-addict: fill out that entry blank and drop it in!

4) Serious sweepstakers must stay organized. When deciding which promotions to allocate time to, be mindful of the frequency of entry: daily (this could be per 24-hour interval or calendar day), weekly or monthly. Unlike instant-win sweepstakes, multi-entry sweeps should be strategized in terms of time allocation, considering how many opportunities abound.

5) When mailing entries to a non-online sweeps with an extended entry period, space your mailings apart so they can be evenly distributed throughout the pile of envelopes.

6) Read and follow the sweepstakes entry rules PRECISELY. Don't be liberal in how you interpret them.

7) Try the one-entry-only sweepstakes. Although you have more control when entering on a daily, weekly or monthly basis, other sweepers may bypass these one-onlies -- which improves your chances of winning the prize!

The more prizes a sweepstake offers, the better your chances of winning something. And in those "second chance drawings," you can win unclaimed prizes that were won but never claimed.
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When entering, make sure it's a trustworthy website, and be careful what type of information you provide. Never give out bank account or credit card information. Note: if you get a message that you've won a prize but that you must pay a fee to claim it, or that you must buy something, it is likely a scam. When you win prize in a legitimate sweepstakes, there should be no fee of any type; when notified you've won, you'll often be required to first fill out and sign an affidavit, have it notarized and mail it to the judging agency. When you win a smaller prize, they'll often be sent to you immediately, no paperwork required. With big-ticket items such as cars and boats, be ready to pay taxes on the value of the prize next year.

What's the Difference between Sweepstakes, Contests and Giveaways?
A sweepstake only requires chance or luck to win in a random drawing (and maybe a spoonful of perseverence). Sweepstakes must comply with laws and regulations, and you are not required to make a purchase to win a prize, although the sponsors like it when you do. A contest involves skill or talent (and may require a proof of purchase), and a free giveaway could be called something for nothing, but usually you'll need to register, and provide information such as name, e-mail, address and phone, and possibly perform an action. There can be a fuzzy line between what is and isn't a free giveway.

Unlike raffle tickets and lotto, in-store and online contests & sweepstakes require no fee. Your odds of winning are usually far better than with the lottery (with statewide and multi-state Powerball-type lotteries, your chances are microscopic).

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The chance of winning prizes is fun and exciting, and there are super grand prizes for every dream. Entering online sweepstakes and contests can even become part of your regular lifestyle. There's one thing for certain: to win prizes, you gotta enter! So good luck, enjoy the ride, and win that prize!
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